These assembly plans from a new website backed by the Duchess of Cambridge may come in handy…. 

Here’s a little more info about the site:

Mentally Healthy Schools is a new website to help primary school staff support the mental health of your pupils.

From the site …

“The learning and feedback we receive during the pilot phase (from February 2018) will inform the development and roll out of the site to schools across the UK. We would welcome feedback during this pilot phase.

There is a range of expert and practical information and resources to help all primary school staff understand, promote and deal confidently with children’s mental health issues: jargon-free information on what can undermine and what can help emotional wellbeing; tips and strategies to help; and specific advice on vulnerable groups.

The site is divided into four sections:

  • Teaching resources :focuses on schools’ abilities to promote and build your pupils’ good mental health with a range of quality-assured teaching resources.
  • Risks and protective factorsexplores how schools can identify which children might face greater risks, and shares resources to help protect them and build their resilience.
  • Mental health needs: focuses on children who are struggling or are mentally unwell. It helps schools understand your role and how you can help promote your pupils’ recovery.
  • Whole-school approach: helps school leaders develop the wider support across the school to help children, families and staff thrive.

Most of the resources are free. However, there is a small number of evaluated, mostly licensed programmes that carry a fee, but have strong evidence of benefiting children – either through promoting children’s social and emotional skills, or preventing or helping children recover from poor mental health.  

We are not expecting staff to become mental health experts.  If you are concerned about a child’s safety or wellbeing please follow your usual safeguarding procedures and consult with your designated safeguarding lead or local authority. Please also see our tips on where to seek further advice.

Our partners

We are delighted to be working with our Heads Together charity partners in developing this site:

With expert guidance from Centre for Mental Health and advice and support from NAHT, the school leaders’ association.”