Margaret Banks, assistant head teacher St Damian’s RC Science College in Greater Manchester,

No child in need goes unsupported: How Mrs Banks, Head of St Damian’s RC Science College in Greater Manchester, works hard to support all her students in need.

“People talk a lot about behaviour. But it’s my firm belief that children only misbehave for a reason,” says Margaret Banks, an assistant head teacher with 26 years’ experience.

… Children can require support for a variety of reasons: bereavement, parental separation, domestic abuse, poverty, caring responsibilities, a toxic home life – the school keeps abreast of pupils’ lives and any problems with meticulous records. No child in need goes unsupported.

Mrs Banks also says:  “It’s the closeness between pastoral and teaching staff that works really well. And they need to keep the child at the centre of it all; it’s no good having systems if the child falls through the net.”