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As a recently retired teacher and former local authority lead on Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning, I heard this broadcast this morning with a renewed sense of optimism. I was in the first cohort of Grammar school Students to be able to study A level sociology in 1975. The following superb 2 years of study enshrined a deep commitment to try to break down those barriers to equality that were so prevalent and were beginning to be researched in depth. I am currently re reading my rather ancient paperback “ Education and The Working Class” by Brian Jackson and Dennis Marsden and the studies of Young And Willmott  set in the East end of London were also highly influential. More recently Owen Jones wrote about the demonisation of the working class in his book “Chavs”.  The sad thing is that so little seems to have changed in 40 years but maybe, just maybe, with voices from the past and school leaders like Sammy Wright we could begin to rewrite the values and principles of the system to truly break down the walls that divide us all. I salute all of you who have worked with young people over this past 3 months, you are amazing .

Thanks to Kath Brownell for sharing this!